An attractive female, usually with a golden brown complexion
Ciara is a serious honey dip. I’d like to get at them goodies.
by Robbie Amorous May 25, 2005
A type of basketball dunk in which you shove oyur hand and the ball down the rim and hang by your elbow.
Vince Carter just busted a sweet honey dip.
by gsrrider July 17, 2005
a nice sweet tasting dip that has honey in it
i would like some honey dip with my celery.yum.
by bobo June 03, 2004
1.a donut
2.someone who thinks they are hott when there actually flat faced, flat chested, flat assed, and gay.
1. tim hortons has the best honey dips =)
2. ew shes sucha gay honey dip.
by AnonymousMEE June 30, 2006
A really cute teddy bear.
Hey ur lucky u got a honeydip!
I want one too.
by D0N0VAN December 25, 2008
to scope-out a club with friends too see if there is any 'booty' in the place for either gender to ponder relations for the for the night.
Jason turned too Mike & asked, "Hey dude i have an idea for this evening, how about we go out to the bar & do a little honeydipping¿"
by AhdioHore July 27, 2003
to get away from somebody or something, to sneak your way out of someones house....deriving from the word DIP
Yo that kid honeydipped when he saw you.
Hey I think we should honeydip this club sucks.
by Damis June 04, 2003

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