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The perfect vagina.
Yeah man she has a honey cunt.
by LittleLeo22 March 24, 2013
1.An attractive female whose vagina has been recognized in social rumour as one of particular wetness/tightness/alluring superiority.

2.A female possessing a particularly alluring vagina.
1."What yeah? that Jennaveave bird, mate I've heard she's a right honeycunt"

2."What he's fuckin Jennaveave now? Darlin' you'll never see him again, bitch is a bear honeycunt."
by OliJonah November 14, 2006
1. a term of endearment originally coined by Andrew Dice Clay for his "No Excuses" stand up DVD/VHS. The term is meant to be used with a spouse or loved one who behind closed doors enjoys being called derogatory terms such as "bitch" "slut" and "cunt".

After talking dirty talking sex

man: hey! Bring me a beer, cunt!
woman: *gasps* you can't just call me that, not when we're've gotta be nice about it
man: um...honeycunt?
by Foxypunkerella October 28, 2006
term of endearment for that special someone.
hey honey cunt, pass the potatoes please
by Doug W. February 14, 2008
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