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On TV during sporting events, when the cameraman zooms in on the pretty girl in the stands, usually when she's bending over showing cleavage. Common during summer sports like baseball, but also during winter sports when the game is played in a domed stadium.
Voice of control room supervisor: "Camera three! The chick in row 18, section F! Quick, zoom in tight! Ah, that's it! That our honey shot for tonight!"
by Bigplanz September 24, 2004
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The moment in pornography when you see natural wetness coming from a girls vagina, either before or after her orgasm.

Can also be used to describe any moment during a porn scene which makes the person watching the scene come.

An evolution of the term 'the money shot', traditionally used in pornography to describe the moment when the male porn actor comes.
What a great honey shot.

There's the honey shot.
by Spunk L Davis February 08, 2010

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