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The sexual act of honey dipping consist of anal sex with a receptive female long enough for her anus to be wide enough for the males testicles to be inserted into her ass.

" nigga i was biz-e all day honey dipping your mom"
by alaxander April 07, 2008
(v) the act of dipping one or both balls into the vagina
Cory: Were you just having sex with Tina
Tyler: No man we were just honey dipping
by bobbybitchface February 01, 2011
The act of a woman dipping her fingers in her vagina to let a guy taste her juices, usually in a public place.
When I saw the couple huddled together on the same side of the restaurant booth with her fingers in his mouth, I knew they were honey dipping.
by Dipmaster September 27, 2010
Another way of saying "i had an awesome sex session" a "blissful session" a non-boring session, the ones that keep you happy
Last nights honey dipping was the best!!!
by midnight dipper July 23, 2013
the act of dipping ones testicles into a jar of honey, then proceeding to crouch and insert their testicles into another's asshole. Then once inserted, you must have your partner tighten their asshole, then simultaneously stand up, causing your testicles to "POP!" out.
I was totally Honeydipping this girl last night.
by The Honey Dipper July 30, 2011

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