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1-A slip of the tongue when someone mentions the words homophobic gesture in an excited and fast bout of hysteria of winding a friend up, mass hilarity insues spawning this term amongst the persons social circle.

2-A medieval term to describe a fool who does not like gay people, ironically, they themselves looked and acted very camp, but were not gay, possibly in the closet.
friend a: (pretends to try and kiss friend b)
friend b: (threatening to punch friend a) get the fuck away from me
friend a (in a bout of laughter): hahahahaha was that a homophobic jester, james, i mean gesture
(rest of friends laugh at the term)

when a gay person entered a homophobic jesters presence, the jester will proceed to slap them until they are not around them
by david tracey September 05, 2007
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