The word man in latin or also used to describe someone who is gay or homsexual.
Mayn Parker Coleslaw is a homo he touched my jock.
by B-nasty Fogleguy April 27, 2009
Litterally meaning "same" in scientific terms.
"You are the homo species as me."
by RedLetterBomb July 16, 2005
homo means u like the same of ur gender or its an insult 2u
1.jon: look at that spicy dude ova there
richard:ya hes HOT

2.katie:i hate u!
jane: o ya wel ur homo!
by 1cocoa20 May 31, 2009
Homos bi Tahini
chick-pea sesame oil sauce
an appetizer dip
Homos is a great appetizer for nachos and veggies.
by victoria g February 10, 2005
Something thats gay, or someone thats gay
(1)yo man thats shit's homo

(2)Yo dont go near that punk bitch he's a homo
by mxc luver December 09, 2004
A homo is a person who wears their shorts in a fashion so they are halfway down their arse

People who hang around in groups of 3 or more and try to look tough in shopping centers are also consided homo

Homo, meaning Gay or Homosexual. Only homosexuals hang out with buddies who constantly have their pants half down
"OMG, You see those homo's, they are totally gay. Its like the pants are half down as an invite to get his friend to do him in the arse"
by RealWorldAus July 19, 2009
1) short for homosexual, often used by immature ppl
2) short for homosapien (human)
1) me: he's gay
you: i know, he's a homo

2) you: im human
me: i know, we're all homos
by wwfvmpgrl666 May 18, 2008

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