A term used to describe the negativity of any situation. Can also be used as a noun. It's usage is relative to chump city.
"I went to hang out at the park the other day but when I got there it was homo city."

"HHAHA yo see that herb over there, dude is homo city."
by Robert D. Clarke March 02, 2008
Top Definition
1. The act of being but not actually a homosexual male or female.
1. When you were singing Jitterbug aloud your level of homocity rose through above the acceptable level.
2. Why are you coming at me that kind of homocity?
3. I hate that bar there is too much homocity going on in there. TM
by Gshaps957 September 30, 2009
San Francisco, California. Followed closely by Madison, Wisco. Gay men only...if you're talking about lesbians, go to Oakland.
Person 1: "This place is homo city"
Person 2: "No, you idiot...we're still an hour outside of 'Frisco."

"This place is almost as cool as homo city"
by wicso wisco November 10, 2009
A measurement of the amount of homosexuals in a given area. (Analogous to temperature, and also if there was an instrument for reading, it would be called a "homometer")
I walked into the meeting and couldn't believe how high the homocity level was.
by scruffyone August 16, 2010
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