useless torture. no good teachers who go home after 7 hours a day half of which they have fucking lunchroom duty, and they put their slippers on and relax with hot chocolate, but not before assigning impossible amounts of the same fucking thing. they call it homework. Most of which you dont even give a danm about. Make that ALL of which. I dont know but i rather grade tests from an answer key than have to sit in my room and do all this fucking stupid ass shit. We all copy the smart kids or the pissy kids who dont have an issue with the system. So homework will just make us better con artists later in life. Haha fuck you system. Its not all the bitch fucking teachers faults, are parents who are suppose to be our "friends" get all up in our ass if we for one night dont have homework. Sorry ma, pa i fucking wanna see you do this shit. Yeah thats right you couldnt find the radius of a circle if your life depended on it or even if i promised you 2 boxesof milk duds. So over all homework is fucking stupid, rebel dont do it, it is just a way for fart nosed teachers to make are lard ass parents happy all while torturing us, "tommorows future".
I was lucky today the only homework i had was to do 20 usless factoring problems, to read this stupid-ass play about a dead fisherman, to find the fucking velocity of a danm dime falling out of my fucking butter fingered hand, and to research where the fucking pilgrims lived.
by Qwerty Vegs December 14, 2010
A time designated to:

a: Use Facebook
b: Masterbate
Honey what are you doing up there?" "Homework, Mom."
by bbucks September 23, 2010
a form of torture invented by mad teachers, its ment to be a living hell for any person(except for nerds.) It kills the fun out of life like when your wanting to snog your girlfriend later on, then here comes the block HOMEWORK!you want to see a new awesome movie you bought the tickets only useful for today and later on FRIGGIN HOMEORK!!
me: gotta get outta school quickly,YES oppertunity!
teacher:calum you forgot your homework, again.
by cal198 June 13, 2010
A cruel, but regrettably not uncommon form of extreme torture given out by scaly, winged creatures otherwise known as teachers. As if these creatures did not torture us enough, they decide to extend this abuse into the victom's free time.
Teacher: Why did you not do your homework last night? You had pleanty of time!

Student: Oh, sorry, but I kind of have a life.

(Teacher whips Student and gives them more homework.)
That should teach you!
by crazymichaela March 15, 2010
shortened form of "homework assignments"
Okay class, please pass forward your homeworks.
by Yea Yum February 21, 2005
Good kindling and fire starter. Useless otherwise because it just recaps what everyone already knows besides the fucktards in the back row of the classroom.
"Hey Jimmy, don't forget to do your homework." says the teacher,
"Don't worry, I'll stuff it inside a molotove cocktail and throw it at the school." says jimmy
by Ethan Wolf May 23, 2011
Pointless waste of time. Assigned to you by evil teachers
who have nothing better to do but to waste your time when you could be doing something better. Teachers don't think 6 hours of torture Mon-Fri is enough. Since, they crave to see you suffer some more they dump their evil curses upon or commonly known as that stupid ,annoying homework.
teacher: Here class, 5 annoying worksheets, a 10 page essay, a 300 page novel to read, a project .........

student: I hate you and homework.

teacher: You got a detention for opening your mouth.

student: Stupid teacher.
by cloudcity95 January 19, 2011

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