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/'Hom-'gron/ noun (2007) 1: Someone who came up big and put his area on the map. i.e. Snoop, Mike Jones, Eminem, Rich Boy, Larry Bird, Reggie Bush,

2. A female who is voluptuous, thick, and curvy.
i.e. Beyonce, J-Lo, Jessica Simpson.
1. He's homegrone.
2. That girl is homegrone!
by Brandon and Luc May 06, 2007
Hydroponic or organic marijuana. Commonly known as dro or sticky icky ooh wee. This is the definition for anyone who does not know how to spell "grown" in case they been smoking weed since they were 12
I get you stunted off of funny "home grone" cuz when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than SonnyBono (oh noo!)
by Andy Perkins June 11, 2008
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