yo best friend ever, ya'll known each otha since birth. ya'll so close people think you fam.
'ey waddup homeskillet biscuit?!?
by boricuamami April 15, 2006
Top Definition
friend or your boy. it can also be used for another "gangsta" friend
Yo what up my home skillet biscuit
by b-town players March 01, 2005
Slang for "my friend", "my chum", "my buddy", "my pal", "my pallyallyoo".
"YO! It's nice to see you again, my home skillet biscuit! Fo shizzle dizzle!"
by Mirvan August 20, 2005
noun: basically means homie, friend, or bestfriend depending on who you use it with.

It comes from an episode of That's So Raven a Disney Channel comedy show about a psycic girl.
Come over here home-skillet-biscuit!
by Leslie Flores December 26, 2009
Closer than your, homie, homedog, or your homes. Means friend.
Craig: Are you makin dem dollas home skillet biscuit?
Friend: YAYUR! I'm getting paid homeslice.
by I'mthebedintruder[notreally] February 01, 2011
Someone or something cool.
Wow, you home skillet biscuit! You're so cool.
That slushie is a home skillet biscuit.
by yo kv June 05, 2006
Started By Two GiRls watchiN That's So RavEn!! aNd It bEcame Well kNwoN ThrOugh Out A sChoOL!! This is what it meAns in simple terms!
hoMe (homie)
skillet (friend)
Biscuit(SomethiNg jUSt aDDed oN)

there are also other related terms
home skillet connbread
home skilletbacon and grits
and for the thanks giving holiday
home skillet turkey
Used iN a SentNce .... What's up home skillet biscuit!!
by lele October 30, 2004
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