An adjective describing a person who is intelligent, independent, and able to think for themselves. This is due to a lack of indoctrination in brainwashing centers called "public schools."
public schooled kid: i'd vote fo obamo cuz he's koool

home schooled kid: did you know obama has very little political experience, voted to allow babies born ALIVE after abortions to be killed, and follows an anti-american religious sect based on marxism called liberation theology?

public school kid: whaaaat?
by :P:P:P August 30, 2008
When a visiting team in an athletic competition receives excessive penalties or unjustified penalties from the Zebras or Referees; The visiting team may also have game deciding calls go against them. The home team receives preferential treatment.

Did you see the Eagles get home schooled in Foxboro by the Patriots? The zebras and the NFL wanted to see the Patriots go undefeated!
by Specter Woodland May 03, 2008
A person who is socially awkard and does not want to go out in public to meet new people. That's what parents are for anyway.

Generally in a home schooled situation, the stay at home parent is slowly becoming insane, because of having to revisit their past which everyone hated at one point. Over 70% of parents who are home schooling have thought about committing suicide, as they find their own kids as annoying and weird as the rest of the social world does.
Student: Mommy, what are we doing today?
Mother: math
by ronws23 August 20, 2009
An adjective used to describe a person, situation, or object that is lame, sucks, or clearly needs a beating.

The term "home schooled" has started to replace the politically incorrect term "gay" as it was formerly used in a derogatory sense. Not only does it appease the modern sensibilities, but also no one likes a home schooler.
Carlos Beltran watching the final pitch of game seven in the NL championship sail over the plate was totally home schooled.

Don't be so fucking home schooled, you whiney bitch!
by Vilhelm October 20, 2006
when a homeschooler makes fun of a person.
1. bitch please, everyone knows that to divide fractions you have to turn the second fraction upside-down. you just got homeschooled bro!
by xskwizmx March 21, 2010
A kid who is merely "homeschooled" is not a "homeschooler". This means that though they do their work at home, they actually have friends, they actually go to the movies, their best friends are not their parents, and they don't wear ugly high waisted mom jeans that make them look like they have no butt. They are the kids who would be the cool kids if they went to school, but they're just lucky enough that they get to stay home and do their school whenever they feel like it. They also know how to flirt and how to kiss. They have a bunch of friends. Many of these friends go to school. Homeschooled kids also know how to dress fashionably. They wear low ride skinny jeans and shirts that hang off their shoulder. They wear high heels and are allowed to wear strapless dresses. They go to homeschool homecoming which is a dance where many people dance all in one big clump while some grind in the middle of the clump away from the eyes of supervisors. There is so much more to say, but basically homeschooled kids are like other kids. Normal. We have raging hormones, we dress like human beings instead of old decrepit moms from the 90's. We have normal friends and *shocking!!* we know how babies are made! The coolest homeschooled kids in the world live in South Florida. End of story ;)

Note: Homeschooled kids tend to be just as smart as homeschoolers but do not show it because that would make them seem lame.
John: Wow... look at the homeschooler trying to talk to that girl. Homeschoolers are pathetic.

Jen: You are a homeschooler.

John: How dare you insult me! I'm homeschooled but I'm not a homeschooler.

Jen: What's the difference?

John: Homeschoolers are pathetic losers and homeschooled kids are normal people who just so happen to be freaking lucky enough to do their school at home!

Jen: Oh... I get it!
by homeschooledchica January 22, 2011
Some one who is taught at there own house usually by ones parents. Most people that are home schooled are social outcast and can't spell.
Wez a hom skooledd!
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004

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