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A large cheese pizza that you plan on consuming entirely by yourself.
"My bitch is out for the night, so I snagged a 12 pack and a home alone special."
by l3lizz4rd June 27, 2005
In reference to the first 'Home Alone' movie, when Kevin finishes shaving and smacks his face with his hands and screams (due to stinging aftershave) - this same act can be performed on a woman's large buttocks. The larger the buttocks, the better the special can be.
Open the butt cheeks wide enough to fit your face in, then let them go so that the butt cheeks smack your face. Then you must let out a muffled scream, pleasuring the female but also taking its toll on the weary screamer.

Matt: Look at that chick over there. . . damn.

Greg: Home alone special.

Matt: Ya for sure.
by MattDee November 15, 2010
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