school who lets you think ur gunna win the football game until the last 2 minutes when they kick your ass also--2005 spc football champs 10-0, can you say that cascia??
hey whats that school that kicked cascias asscia this year?? oh yeah, holland hall GO DUTCH!
by wooden shoe like to be dutch December 08, 2005
Top Definition
1 where you go if you're parents won't let you go to kelley but you're smart enough not to go to cascia, yet you think you're too cool to go to jenks though in reality you're still going to school in a suburban wasteland
2 School in Tulsa, Oklahoma that lacks attractive girls
3 The "baylor" of the SPC
A:Dude I'm totally going to holland hall
B: Why?
C: I like losing SPC games and the uniqueness of south tulsa.
by Dutch grad 04 April 23, 2005
this is a school for fucking lesbians who like to suck pussy all day and then fuck their brother. i mean really who likes holland anyways???
these are bitches who like to stand on the street corner and wait for a guy to pick them up and pay for really bad sex ha
by cascia hottie April 14, 2005
the most freaking AWESOME school in the world!
Dude:i go to Holland Hall!
Other Dude: Thats the best school ever
by dutch=hott! January 25, 2005
a school that has expelled children for no reason. other than religion and race.
atheist nigger = dude i pee'd on a locker and got expelled from holland hall
brandon = dude i pee'd on a locker and got extra credit!
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