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A pine tree that is either plastic or real, in which people decorate for christmas. But the people who sell them call them holiday trees instead of christmas trees, because they didnt want to offend anyone, except people who celebreate christmas. So it won't offend anyone who doesnt celebrate christmas even though it offends everyone who celebrates christmas. Who ever came up with this idea of calling it a holiday tree should get a punch in the face and a CHRISTMAS TREE UP THE ASS.
Holiday tree MY ASS, it's called a christmas tree you dumb fucks.
by The Legend of Zelda December 21, 2004
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A phrase used by folks who feel vaguely guilty about celebrating Christmas, and decide to pretend that what they are doing is celebrating some "universal" holiday that uses "universal holiday" trees.
Gee guys, I really want a Christmas tree, but I don't want to feel like I'm excluding anyone...why don't I call it a Holiday Tree and pretend that every other religion is "pretty much like Christianity"?
by jff362 April 16, 2007
Just another attempt of America trying to take out the Christian in Christmas. It's Christmas and yet they have people selling these so called "Holiday Tree's" to the people who are SUPOSEDLY not a believer in Christ. Why the fuck are people promoting the destruction of a Christian Holiday. If your not a believer in Christ WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH A CHRISTMAS TREE?!?!?!?
Christian: Excuse me sir, why are these called Holiday Tree's and not Christmas Tree's?
Salesmen: Because the Government is trying not to offend people and changed the name of the tree.
Christian: For what? Those people don't celebrate Christmas! Fuck them! It's a Christmas Tree!
Non-Christian's: O_O
by Neezy December 02, 2005
Name used to call trees a city, state, federal or corporate office puts up during the holiday season where several holidays and traditions take place. Ornaments will usually represent several of the holidays that are celebrated in the community.
Created as an alternative to a Christmas Tree where only Christian traditions prevail in a community where Christianity is not law or establishment.

Usually loathed by Christians that take it as being unnecessary. They somehow believe the United States is a Christian nation. They are usually the same religious bunch that take offense to other religions being publicly displayed by government or corporate entities.
The new holiday tree at city hall is the tallest ever.
by Checkah December 02, 2010
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