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the act of going to far. to act absolutely ridiculous or lose complete composure and control of yourself and your own actions. can be used as a description on the whole spectrum of positive to negative and everything inbetween. not knowing or not wanting to know when to stop or when is enough in all aspects of life. can be used as a adverb, adjective, and noun.
it has been a tough week boys. Im getting hogass wild tonight gentlemen....

you broke a door, a window, and two glasses last night you hogass!

did he really have sex with her, thats hogass
by spicy "G" plate January 25, 2012
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One who's booty is locked up.They have no definition between their ass and their leg, and its not because they are skinny.Just like a hogs ass.
How does such a chunky bitch like Wiley have such a hog ass?
by tom potampkin August 04, 2006
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