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A hoey joey is a hoe. He is somebody who loves clowns, and loves a good time. If those two things are together...its even better. They are very perverted and constantly saying "thats what she said" or "your mom" to everything, no matter how much sense it makes or if he was even being talked to. And lastly, his favorite number of all time is 69. He would 69 every second of the day if somebody let him.
1) random person: are you doing this or am i?
hoey joey: thats what she said!!!
2) hoey joey: your a clown
3) random person 1: what'd u do last night?
random person 2: o nothing much...
hoey joey: i did your mom last night.
4) hoey joey: who wants to 69 right now?? anybody??
by mcejj June 16, 2008
a boy whos about high school age, who is a complete clown and lives in west side :
"hoey joey so funny, honk honk"
by jbed June 16, 2008