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a word for someone who is a douche bag; this type of person is a dumbass and says retarded stuff 24/7; This is also somebody who lacks in friends; an overall loser.

Origin: A great pirate and lumberjack of a man made it when in his math class as a comeback to a lame remark by a Patel.
Donny: Celine Dione ROCKS!
Cool Kids and Nonlosers: What a freaking hoebaggy.
Third Person: 4serious.

Ryan: Hey guys let's go pick up fine hunnies at the mall!
Us: You are such a fcken hoebaggy.
Ryan: Your mom.
Us: Well I gotta give you some props, I myself used to go to the mall to pick up fine hunnies,...then I turned 10.
by Anti-HOEBAGGY January 13, 2006
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