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1. Hobomelon is an infectious & contagous disease that is spread through the body, starting at the penis. The disease is aquired from fornicating with homeless people. The disease effects the penis in such ways as swelling it up to the size of a watermelon.. it also moves slowly & painfully up to the brain, in return causing severe & intense brain damage resulting in exponential loss of IQ at a quick pace.
i.e. Encognito says, "Oh noes!! I contracted the hobomelon virus, because I accidently pricked myself with my Krol Blade after slicing Stealthmelon's head off! I've contracted the Hobomelon disease! Oh noes!! I need to get to a doctor soon, or else my penis will fall off, and my IQ will drop 120 points! Oh noes!"

i.e. Grinsa says, "Oh noes! Omgwtfbbq!I knoes I shouldn't have had secks with that homeless guy Stealthmelon... oh noes! The airforce won't cover my hobomelon disease.. oh noes!! I'm hobomelon positive.. I need to go get a jet tool & cut my wang off so it won't spread to my head! Oh noes!!"
by Encognito October 25, 2005
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