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A person who acts high while sober. Its not an act, that's just their personality.
Dude John is totally crazy even when he's not high. Yeah, that's because he's hober.
by eyeflutes April 22, 2011
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A rare bird found in the Amazonian Rainforest. Said to have similar features to that of a shark cross toucan. It is generally agressive and has shown no other emotions. Tends to hang around trees that has the colour of ebony. Scientist have concluded that it is close to extinction due to its inability to find mates that are geniuinely interested in it, they are often led on in relationships.
Gee that asshole over there is acting like hober
by Doctor Noctor November 06, 2012
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The state of un-hornyness immediately following an orgasm
I jerked off to a fat girl on the internet and then when i was hober i was discusted with myself
by Killa-A November 29, 2006
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