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A joint rolled with about point two grams of weed and half a paper, usually with a filter and roach clip. Unlike a fullsize doob you probably won't go to space after you blast this tiny joint. However while a hobby rocket can't get you to space you can still get pretty high.

Space talk may accompany the duration of the mission. For example; prior to launching a hobby rocket a countdown from ten followed by "blastoff" is traditional. If the joint gets dropped someone may say: "Houston, we have a problem."

When the hobby rocket has finished burning: "That's one small joint for man, one giant leap for mankind."
If you don't have the budget for NASA sized rocket joints just light a hobby rocket and you can still get pretty high man.

Dude, I'm almost out of weed, lets just blast a couple hobby rockets.

I could tell it was good grass cause I got pretty high with my hobby rocket.
by passsomegrass March 20, 2011
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