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A beautiful creation of god, set upon Junho's - a member of 2PM - exterior end.
I AM: Have you seen the butt on that guy?
HOTTEST: You talking about THE Hobutt?
I AM: Err I guess...
by HOTTEST4LAIFU :3 September 10, 2011
33 1

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simply breaks downta "yo bud." it's Coal Speak, coming from the Coal Region of Pennsylvania. it's usually said pretty loud, with emphasis on the 'butt.'
ho butt! whener yous plannin on goin back the bush?
by ashlee10 January 19, 2008
39 13
Dirty woman who want's nothing but sex. She enjoys sucking and doing the dirty.
Yo, that dirty hobutt from Shamokin be nasty
by rangetal April 15, 2009
7 9