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A phrase used to describe action in various situations. Most commonly used to describe taking a hit from a bong or a joint, but can also be used to describe 'hitting' a bottle of booze. etc.
Also used to describe sexual activities.
1. Hit that shit and pass it over here.
2. He is so hot. If I had the opportunity I would definitely hit that shit.
by YourMom June 28, 2004
1. to take a puff off a cigarette or marijuana joint.

2. to hit a object with a fist or other object.

3. to have sex with a girl.
Rodney offered me a fresh joint so I hit that shit.

Biff had a annoying friend so he hit that shit with a ball bat.

Mirna told me she was horny so I hit that shit all night.
by a neighbor July 27, 2004
what to say when a person is taking too long to hit and pass the joint. its considered the proper thing to say
Man! Hit that shit or pass it!
by MarleyLives February 19, 2003