Anyone who thinks something is uncool just because it is popular. Anyone who wears thick rimmed glasses. Anyone whose name starts with Steven and ends in Mayo.
Steven Mayo is such hipster trash.
by Thegamelol May 16, 2011
Top Definition
those who dedicate their lives to emulate the image of an urban outfitters model. tends to work at a dead-end job, and spends disposable income supporting corporations that use child labor (nike), have republican agendas (urban outfitters), or on drugs/alcohol. has no interest in culture beyond "the underground". possesses the desire to improve society, yet makes no initiative to do so. prioritizes socialization over productivity and progression. easily identified by the "anti-war scarf".
Did that kid wearing a kaffiyeh?
Hipster trash.
by watchthepulse March 06, 2007

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