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a tan you get after spending a day drinking wine in the park;
often leaving you tan only in the areas your v neck, cut off shorts, and vans don't cover;
similar to a farmer's tan, but not;
girl1: "oh no, i need to even out my hipster tan."
girl2: "you look like you're wearing a v neck of pale skin."
by yaydoobie April 29, 2009
much like a farmers tan, but is from either a long sleave or a wife beater. v-necks are also acceptable markings.
ex. either just hands or full arms will be tan. often with a v-neck.
"did you see charlesworths hipster tan?"
"yeah, he looks like he has dirty hands"

"man brandon your you ook like you stitched some one elses arms on you."
"yeah i got a bad hipster tan"
by jeffery lucille July 10, 2009