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(n) 1. A large person who identifies as and dresses themselves as a goth. 2. A rotund, fat, plus-sized goth, usually female, who has to go to Joanne Fabrics to buy black velvet, fishnet and red silk in bulk to create their own goth clothing.
"I was almost crushed by a hippopotagoth at the Sisters of Mercy show the other night. The dude probably weighed 350."

"Lost in yet another 'Sweet Dreams' remix, I was suddenly surrounded by a pod of hippopotagoths, their busts heaving, their darkened eyes hungry and their pale, meaty calves too large for everyday lace-up boots. Were they after me in my tattered, frilled shirt and black leather pants, or were they driven by delusions that I had hidden Twinkies about my person?"
by gearhead1 October 28, 2010
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