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A Hippocrocopig is a another name for a person, male or female who is regarded as overweight like a hippopotomous as ugly as a crocodile and has the habbits of a pig.
Lisa Riley and Vanessa Feltz are the closest celebraties to be a Hippocrocopig
by daaaaannnnnn July 26, 2006
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A young lady with an aversion to salad, someone with glandular problems. Looks like burnt lego after the "Ugly Toybox" fire of 1998.

Any woman who has rebuffed your advances.
"That Vanessa Feltz, what a hippocrocopig... my nizzle etc."
by Jabo January 16, 2004
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An unusual creature in that it only comes in female version. Typically found in cheap nasty holiday resorts, the Hippocrocopig is around 5 ft 6 inches both high and wide and is has unusual features, namely gross ugliness, arse like a waterbuffallo, stomach that sticks out twice as far as breasts, few teeth and extremely bad breath.The hippocrcopig is a scavenger praying on vulnarable middle aged men, chewing them up, spitting them out leaving them both traumatised and bewildered.
'A group of hippocrcopigs is as PIKs or Pigs in Knickers. Hippocrocopigs are typically found in large numbers at The Ugly Bird Ball
by xocet November 14, 2011
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apparently means a fat man - defined by nevermore
by scrotum head faithful October 27, 2004
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Hippocrocpigs means anybody male/female thats ugly, wrong, minging.... Chris Moyles on Radio one uses it a lot
I'm not going to that club again as its full of HIPPOCROCOPIGS
by Chris Armitage September 26, 2006
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a strange cross breed of animals, bred by Dr.X, and Dr.Y for an evil "take over the world" scheme.`
I am breeding a hippocrocopig
by Gimpachu June 29, 2004
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