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A scene-hybrid between a hippie and emo. Listen to bluegrass/emo/industrial(esque)/trance music and can sometimes be seen at raves if you are lucky enough to find one of these rarities. They are often extremely happy on the outside but impossibly depressed on the inside. The happiness is just there to hide the sadness.

Their choice of clothing can range from Hot Topic to Urban Outfitters. There is no particular "clothing" for them but they tend to mesh the two styles into one by wearing tight dark jeans with a tye-dye shirt of some sort. The hair can range from long and combed/cared for or an extremely long let-my-hair-roam-free untamed sort of hairstyle. They usually do not wear emo glasses but can be seen with some thick rimmed glasses(note: the frames of the glasses can't be rectangular)

Hippiemos can often be found getting stoned to hide the manic-depression that lingers in their empty black abyss of a heart.
"That hippiemo is trying to hide his depression by picking tulips and other kind of flowers."
by Marcin October 02, 2005
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