A non-Brown/Black person who embraces the Hip-Hop lifestyle and culture, listens to nothing but Hip-Hop and speaks as such, however, is completely grossed out by the thought of dating or engaging in sexual relations with a Brown/Black person.
Meagan: Yo, Beck-dawg, I can't wait for da 50 Cent concert dis weekend!

Becky: I know right! Maybe we can sneak backstage and do a lil a little sompin' sompin' wit him!

Meagan: Eww, gross! A Black guy? You're so ratchet!

Becky Ohhhhh, I see. You're a hip-hopocrite.

Meagan: What? I'd totally bang Eminem or The Kottonmouth Kings

Becky: (heavy sigh)
by Raixor August 15, 2014
A person who is a hypocrite in relation to hip hop culture.
Dig Tyrone's thug exterior, but his ipod shows Britney on continous loop. Bitch is a hip hopocrite!
by bad man dan July 10, 2011

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