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A Sanskrit name for girls that means

1. As pure as mountain snow
2. A part of the himalayas
It is the name of the Former crown princess of Nepal Himani Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah
by misao765 January 15, 2009
The meaning of the name Himani is Snow/ as pure as Snow on the mountain/ Glacier or the indian goddess Parvati. Wife of the Hindu god Shiva. Parvati is the benevolent aspect of Power, the Hindu supreme goddess. In sculpture Parvati is always depicted as a mature and beautiful woman.

The origin of the name Himani is Indian (Sanskrit)
1. Example related to SNOWDaughter: Mom do you remember Jennifer?
Mom: Oh' Yes!
Daughter: She delivered a cute baby girl yesterday. Here, have a look, I have a picture of her.
Mom: "Awww she is so adorable so cute as white as Himani".

2. Example related to Glacires The mountains, Himani and the nearby creek were absolutely stunning!

3. Example related to Parvati
Jennifer is a sharp, influential loving & dedicated wife. She is an absolute Himani.
by Lil-Sunshine February 16, 2010
Himani is a very beautiful girl! Looks good with long or short hair! Himani is a talented and committed dancer! She is super smart!!!

guy 1 ; hey see that himani

guy 2; ya

guy 1; i like her

guy 2; everyone does
by iellom June 24, 2013
a mole on a persons ass
person one: Whoa, that himani is huge!
person two: Here ill help you pick it off.
by Shimani December 24, 2005
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