madison: some girl that is very attention seeking, and always wanting you to tell her she is beautiful.
George has a high maintenance friennd.
by WAYNEMANN March 24, 2006
Someone who is fixated on Diamond Chairs and Diesel jeans.
He is really laid back, but if you saw his apartment you would call him high maintenance.
by JMannnnnnnn January 17, 2008
a girl who expects a lot.
most Sarahs are high maintenance
by Sarah June 27, 2004
<i>adv.</i> One who takes pleasure in the finer things of life. Typically a person who believes that the price of an item is an indicator of quality. Stereotpyes: takes forever (two hours plus) to get ready for a picnic, knows the Chanel cosmetics counter manager on a first name basis, only gets their hair done by stylists who charge over $100/hour.

Commonly confused with: Drama queen, bitch, label whore, stuck up, ex-girlfriend.
Alicia, put down the hundred dollar orbital eye cream and get in the car. I ain't waitin' on yo high maintenance ass for another hour.
by I can spell! December 05, 2006
A very stuck up person who is very demanding and extremely needy
that stupid girl is always depending on me for everything.. shes so high maintenance
by robert rishka August 26, 2005
Often a divorced woman with a fake tan, big processed hair (usually blonde) and lots of bling. Very insecure about her looks and requires constant reassurance of her physical beauty. Spends lots of time and money on clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup and beauty treatments. Needs expensive homes, cars, clothes and vacations. Never pays for anything when in the presence of men.
Her trips to the manacurist every other week proved she was high maintenance.
by JohnstonGuy August 11, 2004
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