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1. When someone is too poor to get drugs, so they go out and pretend they're on drugs instead.

2. Normally said by a sxe kid who doesn't do drugs, so they go around flaunting that they're "high off of life"

3. When your life is so fucking awesome that you don't need drugs to make you happy.
1. Guy1: Wtf is wrong with you, are you rolling or something?
Guy2: I wish, dude! I haven't thizzed in months! I've just been so high off of life.

2. Sxe Kid: I don't need drugs to get high! I'M HIGH OFF OF LIFE!!
Junkie: Stfu you fag.

3. Kid: My life is so great I don't need your shitty weed! I'm high off of life.
by monsterrr September 05, 2008

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