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1) To be so completely tripping balls at a party that all you can do to communicate to your mates that you're still alive is to mash the keypad of your iPhone to produce the message "high g pub".

2) To be so fucked out of your head on alcohol and drugs that you throw up in your friends car and don't remember the incident until the following month. Because you were high g pub.
Kevin: Hey man, what the fuck happened to you at that strange garage party last week? You didn't reply to our messages for 3 days man, we thought you were dead or some shit?

James: Yeah, I was high g pub.

Kevin: Ah right, safe dude.


Su: Man, you vom'd in my girlfriend's car and didn't even apologise when you've seen her like 5 time since; what the fuck?

James: Yeah, I was high g pub

Su: Ah right, safe dude.
by Crudz4Life May 17, 2013
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