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a system of clouds used to describe one's level of high-ness when smoking marijuana. many use the 1-10 scale but i prefer the 1-13 scale. cloud 1 means you are only buzzed. cloud 2-3 is the relaxing stages. clouds 3-4 are the minor trip highs. clouds 5-6 are strong trips. clouds 7-8 are the most major trips. and cloud9 is the best high you can get on either scale, best described as "Marijuana Heaven" hence the name cloud 9. cloud 10 is where your too high and its not even fun anymore. 11 is where your now in pain or such extreme confusion from your high that your getting scared, (you may already be slightly scared on level 10). cloud 12 means you NEED to go to the hospital or you may permanently "melt" your brain forever. cloud 13 (the unlucky number) means that you are on the verge of death. cloud 12 is very very very difficult to reach, and you'll most likely be cut off by then by whomever you may be smoking with, unless your alone. cloud 13 is practically impossible to reach. you would most likely need to be forced more weed to get to this point because most people pass out before they reach 12 even.
stoner 1: yo, dude, im trippin what high clouds you at?

stoner 2: im in marijuana heaven man.

stoner1: shi* this guys on cloud 9!!!!

stoner 3: dude im on cloud eleven im scared shi*less *passes out*

stoner 1&2: oh shiiiiii*!
by stonerJesus May 15, 2011
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