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The act of putting on I-Doser mp3's on your iPod in order to feel a buzz.
Kids are getting involved in a new craze involving iPod's. They call them high Pods and use them to listen to binaural sounds in order to acheive a buzz.
by evenplay October 21, 2008
the ipod that constantly plays in your brain when your high, also refereed to as Hpod.
"dude i have some crazy shit playing on my HighPod"
by knotsandivy January 07, 2010
Any variety of digital mp3 players that can be used to listen to or watch media before, during, or after the act of becoming "high." Essential for the stoner who always says, "Dude, check this song out, it's so trippy."
Let's go smoke. Don't forget your highPod!

Dude, I need to show you this trippy song on my highPod.
by CsillyBabs November 09, 2009
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