The first word to start a text conversation.
(Also the most freaking annoying word ever when it comes to texting)
---Text Conversation---
Mary: Hi
(5 minutes later)
Mary: Hi?
Mary: Hi?
Mary: Hi? Hi? Hi?
Alaina: Freakin Shutup.
by WhiteGirlDefinitions March 17, 2015
Greeting to be sent via text or instant message meaning "Anybody going to the bar?"
Mango: "Hi?"
OB1: "Hi"
Nguyen: "Already here."
Rau: "Me too."
Treb: "On my way!"
by Dag Mango January 31, 2015
The 'I can't be bothered to talk you' way of saying hello
guy: hey babe :)
girl: hi
by rob_bassman January 23, 2012
Im assuming you're lonely.
Hi. Well, hi to you too!
by dhughes June 15, 2016
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