the word you say randomly when things are getting awkward or boring.
*its been 5 minutes since someone around you said something*
by whatsa pseudonym*questionmark* January 07, 2010
a word
boy: hi

girl: hi

( ... what other example is there? )
by none.of.your.BEESWAX August 07, 2009
a quick way of saying hello.

The word you use to a friend ( aquivealent to SALUT in french)
Hi friend.....was up??

FRENCH Sulut ........Ca va???
Informal Greeting.
Informal: Hi!
Formal: Hello!
by coffeeisgood33 September 28, 2008
a word said in a high pitched, annoying voice when passing bye a stranger in the supermarket to see his or her reaction. Basically, just a way to mess with people. Usually accompanied by a quick flashing of the palm with the elbow bent at 90 degrees.
George: Hi!

Stranger Tim: Wull hullo there, fella...(wtf?)
A quick version for saying "Hello." Hi and Hello are informal ways of greeting someone; "Hey" is also used.
"Hi, Samantha! How was your weekend?"
by EditorialStar June 13, 2007
The bitchiest thing you can say. Used when you're mad or annoyed at someone.
Jessi: ZOMG liek heyy!!1! Long tiime no talk!

Sarah: Hi.
by pezz123 September 03, 2010

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