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1. A homosexual, esp. one who vocally tries to divert and influence public opinions of hatred and fear and shame toward homosexuality away from themselves and back on heterosexuals

2. A violent anti-hetero homosexual

3. Alt. spelled "heterophobe"
Why are you such hater toward breeders? You're such a hetrophobe!
by HarveyM December 14, 2010
a homosexual who partakes in acts of discrimination against people of other sexual orientations, usually a person who displays an extreme air of homosexuality. Most often their acts present the characteristics of hatred and/or fear
Guido is a hetrophobe.
That couple over there are being harrased by a gang of hetrophobes.
You are so gay, I'm beginning to think that you are a hetrophobe
by roobthebigboob June 05, 2007
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