A severe form of diarrhea caused by a bacterial agent or by eating spicy food.
I got the hershey squirts after eating leftover Taco Bell food.
by AYB March 19, 2003
When a guy and a girl are fucking and she sharts on his dick.
Man, I can't believe she hershey squirtted on me last night.
#having sex #poop #girl #fart #chocolate
by Carlyjay March 01, 2015
The act of inserting a Hershey's Kiss into one's anus and shitting it into their partner's mouth.
I smelled a foul odor emanating from the other room and when I looked through the door, I saw Carley giving Tyler a Hershey Squirt.
#hershey #squirt #rim job #poop chute #feces #fecal matter #candy #chocolate #beaster
by Gargled Mayo February 16, 2014
when one has uncontrollable bowl movements due to bad diarreah
dude i need a diaper or somthing...i've got killer hershey squirts
by shiv March 14, 2004
when your shit looks like brown or red soup and is all warm feeling when it is eliminated from thee anus.
Liam- Haha check out this toilet man!
Kyle- i dont know man.
Liam- do be a puss!
Kyle- ok--- eww (barf) you got the hershey squirts
Liam- Hehe
#shit #gross #nasty #hershey squirts #soup poop
by white venom May 30, 2011
someone who has to take areal bad shit then when there not looking push on there stomach and yell hershey squirts and still puch intill they shit there selfs..
man i think that kid has the hershey squirts bad ill go and push on his stomach
by fataliptis May 05, 2005
When fornicating (more effective with elderly lady). thrust violently forward and push firmly or even punch the female's lower back, repeatedly do these simultaneously until she sharts or completely squirts out of her ass.
I totally gave her the hershey squirt yesterday
did she shower after?
no she was so drunk she just slept in it.
#sex moves #crap #squirt #drunk #girl
by desperadojoe July 19, 2007
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