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Extremely unpleasant, ugly, unsatisfying.
DAMNNNN mami you be lookin herocious today!!!!
by Soniaaaaaaaaa July 02, 2013
Combination of two seperate words - horrible and atrocious. Oft used to describe a person, place or thing that cannot be formally identified singularly as either horrible and/or atrocious.
Scott works in the produce section 8 days a week. Scott smells herocious.
by Asyd309 November 10, 2004
a mess, acting funny
Girl, you know you look herocious!

You are herocious.
by MBresha July 22, 2005
Herocious - to describe a very bad hangover or situation or deed

is a mix of ferocious and horrible
that hangover was ferocious
that meal was ferocious
by buttso February 14, 2005