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someone who is really good at guitar hero/rockband and can kick your ass and make you feel like shit!
katie is definately the "hero of guitar hero/rockband" on medium almost hard and soon expert 8-] jkjk

im the "hero of guitar hero/rockband" on expert! (this is someone who is also a show off, otherwise known as a queer because they think they're better than you)

look at him go! he is definately the "hero of guiar hero/rockband"!

person 1: wanna make a bet
person 2: Sure, what is it?
person 1: I bet that ill win this game of rockband/guitar hero because im the "hero of guitar hero/rockband" and if i do i get to fuck your girlfriend tonight
person 2: FUCK YOU MAN! your on!
by Slickkk January 12, 2009
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