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when someone does a small feat and gets excited or acts overly proud, someone who is making fun of them for being so excited or proud over such a small feat would say it sarcastically.
on msn

person 1 : oh yay! I'm done cleaning my room!
person 2 : **tosses you a hero biscuit**

in person

person 1 : woohoo finally learnt how to tie my shoes!
person 2 : would you like a hero biscuit?
#sarcasm #hero bisciut #heroe biscit #hero bizkit #hero buscuit
by springit June 01, 2007
A word used to call some one who has gone above and beyond their call of duty.
Person 1: I just finished cleaning the bathroom and your room!

Person 2: Oh, you're a herobiscuit!
#hero biscuit #hero biskit #herobiscuit #hero bisciut #herobisciut
by sastreen April 28, 2010
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