Although originally defined as "something atrocious" in a context such as "cutting up that dead baby and placing its parts in fridges all over the US is a heinous crime", heinous has evolved into a slang word used to imply feelings of discontent, anger, meloncholy, satisfaction, happiness, approval, or other random feelings.
after school: "OMG, that math test was so heinous"
insult: "ur mom is heinous"
random comment: "heinous bananas"
approval: "O man, those spandex pants are so heinous!"
random comment : heinous repeatedly because we know what it sounds like
I feel bad: heinous
I feel good: heinous
Life sucks: heinous
Life is good: heinous
by ciliadamager December 04, 2004
Top Definition
adj; 1.) used to describe something terrible or very bad.
2.)also, used to describe something most outrageous, and awsome... gnarley
See 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure; or 'Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey.'

1.) "Dude, could you believe Mrs. MIller gave us a 'pop-quiz'?"
"I know, bra, that was most heinous."

2.) "Dude, did you hear that rip i just improved?"
"Yeah Dude, most heinous."
by Errie June 04, 2004
Although heinous traditionally means evil, it is used by many teenage girls to describe someone that is so horribly ugly or disgusting that it is almost evil in itself for that person to look that way.

The word is not just used to describe extremely unattractive people, but it can also be applied to objects--especially clothing apparel.
Mary: I think she is pretty.
Jess: Are you kidding? I think she's heinous.

Christina: What do you think of this sweater?
Jess: That is the most heinous thing I've ever seen.

Marissa: Do you want to go to the mall tomorrow with me and Johnny?
Jess: Ew!!!! Why do you hang out with him? He is SO heinous!!
by Dedani January 05, 2007
Something most jank and hideous which stings the eyes, someone who everyone looks at in an animalistic way as they are not human they are too ugly to be human. although they have a fit cousin.
you see that girl over there buddy?
Oh yeah, thats milly she is most heinous.
by Heinousparkes April 11, 2011
word used by marine recruits to describe something totally awful, such as IT (intensive training)
I had to do two hours of IT today! It was heinous!
by PBendJ April 25, 2006
ugly, disgusting, repulsive
i cant looking at brooklyn's face anymore. she's fucking heinous!!
by kylesafag April 28, 2008
the opposite of Bangin'
That outfit is totally heinous!!
by superbeena August 06, 2008
ugly, yucky, and smelly.

a brutal funny looking thing
KAYLA...unrau. she is sooooo heinous
by Kristaaaaaaaaaaaa March 10, 2005
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