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A North American Indian word meaning all things good. It is commony used at Camp Ondessonk (the best place on earth!) It can be used as an exlamation at the end of a song or cheer, or it can be used as a congratulation.
Go Daniel! HEEPWAH!

you: We just won Tug of War!
by Heepwahgirl4ever June 07, 2010
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Am Indian word that means "all is good" mostly used at camp ondessonk the coolest place in the word... It was also used in the movie The Breakfest Club... a truely amazing word witch can be used in many ways like a congradulation or in the place of clapping.
You: Yes i just got a promotion at work
Me: Heepwah!
by Camp Ondessonk September 14, 2005
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It's all good!!!!!!!!
Heepwah for an amazing job!!
by andsoitdoes September 18, 2005
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