short for a hell (or heck)of a lot of
It was hecka people at the concert.
#many #a lot #bunch #much #numerous
by liciaboo2004 October 12, 2005
a hella lame version of hella, hecka is the version the people down in hella lame ass so cal and pleasanton and walnut creek cuz theyre too afraid that theyll get in hella trouble if they say hella.
man, i hecka love school.
#hella #so cal #lame #weak #walnut creek
by i hella heart oaktown November 04, 2006
A Mormon word for Hell.
Golly MariAnn, of Josephs 5 wives you sure do a hecka lot of the baby-makin.
by Will July 30, 2004
A way to combine heck of or hell of,
some people get carried away and use it to much..
One hecka time hecka i hecka had hecka to hecka go hecka on a hecka road-hecka-trip i hecka felt this hecka urge hecka to hecka urinate hecka but hecka i hecka realized hecka the hecka car hecka was hecka locked hecka and hecka i hecka peed hecka myself hecka.
#heck #hell #hella #hell of #heck of
by AnyaAndAlexis August 06, 2006
Pretty much Hella for the wusses, &&& it's really annoying because people use both in the same sentence.
J-unit"That movie was hecka cool"
N-unit"Yeah hella cool!"
Me-"Yeah, it's was pretty cool"
by Roxxa. September 14, 2005
a description of an excess of emotion, objects, or action.

First used by Horatio Alger in 1902 in the streets of Lowell.
The Shawshank Redemption is a hecka good movie.
by Fine Mamas December 14, 1999
The Mormon version of hella.
That car is hecka fine.
#hella #very #really #lots of #hell of a lot
by Source: Tuner-Cat Owner March 28, 2015
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