Contraction of "hell" and "fuck" or another way to say "hell"
"He wanted to put a finger into my a%@..what the heck?!"
by vines October 21, 2006
A name given to a male who has no neck. i.e their head and neck become as one.
jeeez, look at that heck over there!
by feek that heck September 29, 2009
Heck: Where peope who don't believe in Gosh go!
Gosh darn it! You're going to Heck for that fer sure!
by Immodest April 17, 2006
The number one reason for getting out of Utah.
"Oh my freaken' heck!" I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! FUCKING HELL!
by Stiggy February 17, 2004
distortion of a phenomena or event, framing of reality through words to suit one's objective or agenda
Pres. G.W. Bush: "Brownie you're doing a heckuva job"
by rhav April 05, 2006
To eat with ravenous enthusiasm.
Q:What are you doing. A:Im having a heck.

Q:What are you hecking. A: Mostly dry wheetabix.
by Dr. Poppenstein April 30, 2007
similar to hell, but in a milder sense. Right in between hell and being alive/on earth.
"Oh no I took advantage of the free cheese stand at the grocery store. I am so going to heck for this."
by A. Pinter January 17, 2004
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