I have always understood this my whole life to mean someone is doing a good job. Not a bad job. When you say someone is doing a hell of a job it means they're doing good. Its always meant that. Not till some stupid leftist idiots reversed and it used it against Bush.

Just because Bush didnt want to offend certain people doesnt mean he's doing a bad job moron. Secondly the FEMA guy didnt screw up. The blame falls on the governor of Louisiana and the mayor of New Orleans. Bush warned the governor days in advance to do something and they did nothing. Thats a fact. When ever FEMA tried to bring in supplies no one let them in because the evacuation was still in effect after the hurricane passed. It wasnt Bush or FEMAs fault.

The FEMA response was the fastest response to a hurricane disaster ever. Unfortunately when people tell a lie over and over again it becomes truth.
I just did a "heck of a job" on defining this word and clearing up some lies.
by imperial marshall forbes October 24, 2005
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