A place between girls's legs.
Er... Search google or else for examples or pics of a man's heaven. xD
by HJJIPpls December 28, 2005
An uber good lsd trip.
Billy took four tabs and went to heaven for 24 hours.
by Kerb December 01, 2004
A place that really does exist. A place where the souls of the dead Christians who have followed the teachings of the Bible and the Ten Commandments, in addition to asking the Lord's forgiveness for their sins will go. REMEMBER: It is natural for human beings to sin; even the greatest Christians will sin throughout their lives. Being exactly like Jesus is nearly impossible, and God understands this.
Anyways, Heaven is a wondrous place; a paradise where the clean, forgiven-of-their-sins Christians will go for eternity, and that means for all time, and forever and ever following the end of time. Heaven is most likely gradually created and edited to the inheriting person's design of how they want to see it. This everlasting place that has NO suffering, NO pain, NO shedding of tears is vast and unending, therefore giving each individual who inherits the Kingdom of God the ability to have his/her place in Heaven and to see it the way that he/she wants to.
All God-fearing Christians who end their extreme hatred of others, follow the instructions of the Bible and the Ten Commandments, and repent of their sins before death are allowed to pass through the gates to Heaven, just after a trial standing before God himself.
by A Midwestern Christian June 29, 2005
1.) a state of unlimited pleasure and fulfillment for those who accept God's offer of eternal life.

2.) endless oral sex w/ Kylie Minogue
i hope when i go to heaven, it's really heaven, if you know what i mean.
by oddkin May 02, 2005
a gay little place that people who cant handle the concept death made up

about as plausible as candyland
cathlic priest: heaven is a little boy
by fenry July 04, 2006
A place for hippes and drug-users, a forever long purple world in all kinds of shapes. Opposite to Hell: A place for RnR fans, a place with a everlasting long electric guitar intro.
Hippes goes to heaven, RnR fans goes to hell.

Last to the devil is a moron!
by vermin October 22, 2003
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