What you experience when you've got a poison ivy rash and you take a hot shower
Omg, my mind was about to explode after that heatgasm I had in the shower
by shuman407 September 01, 2008
The feeling you get when moving somewhere very warm or hot after being outside on a very cold day.
Ex 1: Phil: "Dude I love heatgasms they feel so good."
Ex 2: "Oh man last night when I came in from shoveling I had a heatgasm, it was great."
by mr.mmbossypants29 December 28, 2011
When someone becomes so overwhelmed by warmness that they reach the brink of an orgasm.
Zak gets into Laurens car

Zak: Wow Lauren it's so warm in here.

Lauren: I know. I'm having a heatgasm
by guy1234000 February 04, 2011

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