to get mad,like if u are bout to fight someone
"that nigga got me so heated, i was bout to kill him"
by *lil h0mie* July 22, 2003
Top Definition
1. (Adj.) Warm. To be raised in temperatature.
2. (Adj.) Angry, annoyed, pissed off, frustrated, etc...
3. (Adj.) Intense.
1. "Yo dawg I just heated up this Instant Lunch™ you want some?"
2. "Fuck man my source didn't come through with my eighth I'm so fuckin' heated..!!"
3. "Check it out that fight's getting heated over there."
by A New STD June 20, 2004
When an area has a large amount of police activity and is not safe to do illegal activity in.
This area is mad heated, I don't want to cap here.
by Babo April 20, 2006
To equip ones self with one (or more) firearms.

'Man, go get heated and we'll meet up under the bridge to take out them useless exscuse for gangsters.'
by Craig January 01, 2005
when you want to fuck the shit out of your girlfriend
i am sooo heated bree... lets get it onnnn!!
by 1loveson April 07, 2009
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