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noun. Scantilly clad woman (not necessarily attractive) who can usually be found waiting in line outside a club or college campus bar. Generally wearing black skin tight sorority pants and a halter top even in the coldest weather. Has alcoholic tendencies and will usually only talk to men who will buy her a round. (See sorostitute, skankalicious)
That heat mule over there drinking the red bull and vodka looks like she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch.
by geetwad April 11, 2004
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Women dressed for the sole purpose of luring some poor unsuspecting chap into their lair of dispair. Often times, there are layers of flesh bursting forth between the fortifications of the belt line and the "belly" shirt. This, however, is not absolutely necessary for one to earn the rank of Heat Mule.
El Cielo is a good place to get hunted by the heat mule.
by Shacklyn Knight April 05, 2004

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